Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm a busy bee

This post was inspired by Google Calendar, the latest invention from the masterminds of Google. After Krystle informed me about this wonderful creation, I of course had to add everything into my calendar right away.

And it hit me. The next two months are going to be crazy busy--but in a good way. It just wouldn't be spring if every weekend wasn't packed now would it?

The main events of April and May include (in chronological order):

*Aubrey's wine and cheese soiree
*Picnic Day (no rain please)
*Bronwyn's birthday dinner
*SF hang out with Jeff and Katie
*ADX Semiformal (can't resist a Broadway musical)
*my mom and dad's 25th anniversary party
*Katie Shockey's bridal shower
*Kate and Chris's wedding weekend (so excited)
*Memorial Day weekend is still unbooked--I'm thinking it'd be cool to take a day trip somewhere outdoorsy

On another completely random note, I've been checking out different musicians and bands on MySpace since this week has been slow at work. Here are my current findings:

Schulyer Fisk
Molly Jenson
Sonya Kitchell



SparkFaith said...

Memorial Day.... Day trip to Chico - OMG Steve will already be done! Wow! Well still that could be cool Bidwell park is amazing!