Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cause I'm free...

There's not many things better to me than seeing a live show. Especially if John Mayer's playing. Last night was my 5th (or maybe even 6th?) show seeing John and each time there's always a different undertone to his show from everything to the set list to what kinds of solos he plays. This show I would label as "contemplative". Sure, he still had some playful banter with the crowd but there were several moments where he showed a more vulnerable side (well, as vulnerable as you can be with thousands of people). He played "Wheel", an introspective and melancholy song from his album Heavier Things, and in the middle he said that he normally doesn't do dedications...but that he would like to dedicate the meaning of the song to Randy Pausch, who passed away last week at 47 years old. [tangent begin] In case you haven't heard of him, Randy Pausch is the man who captivated many with his 'last lecture' that he gave while a professor at Carnegie Mellon and this lecture later became a world-wide phenomenom spread all over the Internet. The 'last lecture' about how to make the most of life was inspired by the fact that Pausch was terminally ill with cancer and he wanted to depart some of life's little wisdoms to his three young children before he died. [tangent end] Anyway, John said that Pausch's words were "stuck in his head and heart forever" and that he hoped when he got to be 47, he knew half as much about the world around him as Pausch did. It was definitely a 'softer side of John' moment.
Other unique parts of the show included a good amount of covers: Cream's quintessential blues rocker "Crossroads", snippets of The Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House", "Today" by Smashing Pumpkins, Duffy's "Mercy", and most notably, "Free Fallin" by Tom Petty. It's awesome how John puts his own spin on the song and yet is still able to stay true to the original version simultaneously. The night ended with one of my favorite JM songs, "Gravity" and I left on a concert high.
Here's to many more John Mayer shows to come!

We were noticing how John looks like a tanned chump in this poster

My fellow John Mayer fanatic, Aubrey

Had so much fun with these girls!