Monday, June 05, 2006

the sholer shire


That's our big news. And yes, it's ridiculous that I'm just posting this here now since we reserved the house in April, but better late than never right? To make a long story short, we were not at all expecting to buy a house this soon. We were thinking that we would start looking for a house maybe in a couple years. But David just happened to be at the KB Homes sales office at the right time, learned of a cancellation of a house in our price range, and we decided to snatch it up since it was such an amazing deal. Seriously, this was a toal God thing, such a blessing. I still can't even fully believe it. Like when we had to go to the KB home studio to pick out countertops and carpet and tile, it didn't feel like we were picking out things that were going to be in our very own house.

So the specs on the house....3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a combined living room/dining room area, a good size kitchen, an attached garage, and a cozy (aka tiny) backyard. It's located in east Woodland, where all the new housing developments are going up, so that will make both of our commutes shorter...a huge plus. I'm just excited to be able to have more than 6 people over without feeling totally crammed. I'm excited to have a guest room to offer people to stay in when they come to visit us. I'm excited to have a separate room where we can put the computer in, so I can be online while David is asleep. And most of all, I'm excited to have a place of our own.

As the house goes through it's different building phases, I'll be posting more pictures. Here's a few pics of what our house looks like now!


Anonymous said...

yay how fun!!!!!! and how funny they let you just walk on up to the construction site like that ;)
I'm praying your KB home is good ;) and I am excited to come visit when it is done!!!! love you.
- tam

Meg said...

yay! im so excited for you guys!!

SparkFaith said...

are we old enough to do things like buy houses? I guess so! Congarts!!