Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Disneyworld Vacay 2008

I've been a Disney fanatic every since I went to see "The Little Mermaid" in theaters as a wide-eyed six year old in awe at Ariel and Prince Eric. From that point on, pretty much anything Disney had my seal of approval (ok, there are a few exceptions but I won't go into that now). Well spending the past 8 days at Disney World has only increased my admiration for the pure and simple vision that Walt Disney possessed: to make people smile. I witnessed so many great moments during our trip: from little kids coming out of Star Tours for the first time exclaiming "Mom, we just went to SPACE!" to seeing so many newlywed couples proudly wearing their Mickey and Minnie "bride and groom" ears, to getting a picture with my childhood heroine Belle, to watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks with my husband on our 3rd anniversary. All of these moments and more equaled a trip full of many many smiles and Disney magic.

FAVORITE RIDE: It's a tie: Expedition Everest @ Animal Kingdom and Rock N'Roller Coaster @ Hollywood Studios

FAVORITE LIVE SHOW: Finding Nemo: The Musical at Epcot

FAVORITE UNEXPECTED EXPERIENCE: David and I volunteering to participate in the Backlot Studio Tour as "movie extras" in a fake movie scene they were filming where we had to wear waterproof suits and boots and pretend we had torpedoes being fired at us

FAVORITE "INTERACTIVE" RIDE: Toy Story Mania @ Hollywood Studios

FAVORITE LUNCH SPOT: Wolfgang Puck Express @ Downtown Disney

FAVORITE MEAL OVERALL: Our anniversary dinner at the California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort--best dining experience of my life

FAVORITE EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE: "One Man's Dream" exhibit at Hollywood Studios showing Walt Disney's life

FAVORITE NOSTALGIC RIDE: Space Mountain or Splash Mountain


Diana said...

Ahh-mazing! Can't wait to see pictures and hear more stories. Sorry you had to come back to work reality. :(

Anonymous said...

So fun! Glad you had a magical anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you had a good time! My sister in law and I got to be movie extras too when we went with Frank's fam. I completely forgot about that! Hope you got soaked ;)