Saturday, August 23, 2008

of challah bread and a Savior

To avoid getting stuck in a 'reading rut', I made a list of different fiction and nonfiction books I wanted to read this summer, and I finished the first book off that nonfiction list this weekend--"Girl Meets God" by Lauren Winner. Winner chronicles her unique spiritual journey in this memoir that is a very approachable and interesting look into her former life as an Orthodox Jew and her conversion to Christianity. I knew next to nothing about Orthodox Judaism before reading this book, so in addition to having fun reading it, I also learned quite a few things as well. Winner puts a fresh spin on several Christian traditions like Advent (that have become routine to me) because she reflects on the meaning of these events both from her Jewish and Christian perspectives. I would definitely recommend this book, it was thought-provoking without being overly theologically dense and I appreciated Winner's authenticity in sharing her struggles and triumphs in her process of conversion.


Myriah said...

I love this book! Glad you enjoyed it.