Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Slip slidin away

I went to ADX meeting yesterday, and it was a good time. But it does feel like the group has changed so much in a year, just with new faces and all. It's weird that in just a couple years, there won't be anyone in the group that was part of ADX the same time I was in the will be a whole new era.

So after meeting, Laeya and Laura tried to convince me to participate in the "slip-n-slide" activities in their front yard. So after debating for a minute about whether I should go to the gym like I had planned or if I should ditch the gym for some slip-n-slide fun, I went with the most logical choice. The Walmart slip-n-slide of course!! I don't have the pictures yet, but until i get them, here's what we looked like (sort of, not really at all):